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Perlen gotischer Baukunst (10)

Samstag, 5. September 2009

Get them dead drunk.
For those of you whose Karma may be rocked by slug-slaying, this is the method for you…what nicer way for a slug to go?

1. Fill a shallow bowl with beer (Michelob and Budweiser are thought to have a high success rate) and place it strategically in an area of high slug activity.
2. Wait overnight.
3. Slugs love a slurp of stale beer. Once in it, they’ll drown.
4. Disposing of the slugged brew can be a messy business. A simple solution is to add it to your compost heap.

Sarah Ford: 50 Ways to Kill a Slug. Serious & silly ways to kill or outwit the garden’s number one enemy, S.40/41